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DataBind is a library to simplify the persistance of Java objects to a datastore. A data store may be a relational database, XML files, or any other type of datastore. Java objects which are persisted do not need to be modified in any way. The only requirement for persisted objects is that they have read and write methods for each field that you would like to persist and an empty constructor. The read and write methods are specified at deployment time in an XML file and thus can be any method (in other words they do not have to be getter and setter methods, although this is the preferred method signature.)

DataBind also supports loading and storing collections of objects. Objects can be retrieved from the database using search elements to select a subset of the available objects.

You can read the current Developer's Guide online.



The following releases are available (changelog):


DataBind is released under an Apache-style license.


DataBind was created by Anthony Eden. Please send all questions and comments to